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Organic Catnip

Farm-grown in Door County, Wisconsin without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  Contains leaves and flowers only, no stems.  Quick-dried to retain color and flavor,


packaged in 6 oz. resealable containers,

with or without a toy mouse inside.

    $ 7.95 each

Cat Grass Kits

includes oats, wheat and barley seeds grown in Door County, Wisconsin, as well as organic potting soil.

Simply add water and sunlight to grow

a fun and healthy treat for your kitty

packaged in 16 oz containers.

    $ 5.95 each

packaged in 8 oz containers.

   $ 3.95 each

Cat Grass Refill Kits

includes oats, wheat and barley seeds




above prices do not include shipping and handling.

mEow-Mail us for ordering and pricing.






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